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Yamcha's Resolve is the fifth level of the what-if saga in the video game Dragon Ball: Raging Blast.


During the three years the Z Fighters train to battle the Androids, Vegeta lives at Capsule Corporation and spends some time with Bulma. Yamcha believes that Vegeta is trying to steal Bulma away from him and challenges him to a battle. If Yamcha wins, Vegeta must stay away from Bulma. Yamcha wins but is then challenged by Future Trunks who tells him if Yamcha marries Bulma then Trunks will not exist. Yamcha defeats him and due to this believes himself to be the universe's strongest warrior (despite not fighting his Super Saiyan form) and thinks the girls will fall in love with him because of his power. Trunks then knows history will not be altered as Yamcha "was always a big playboy."


  • Yamcha vs. Vegeta & Future Trunks



  • Yamcha says the word "bastard" in this stage. At the time, this was the first uncensored curse in several years for an English release.
  • When Trunks thinks history will be altered he wonders why he is "fading away". This is a plot hole as if history was altered only his present counterpart would cease to exist as changes in the present timeline would not alter the fate of his timeline.
  • This story contradicts the Dragon Ball Bouken special in Shonen Jump, which says Yamcha is still uncomfortable around beautiful women with the exception of Bulma.