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Yaochun (Palepaw in the FUNimation dub) is a man who is believed to be able to dodge lightning. Yaochun lives in a forest beside a waterfall.




After Goku failed at Kami's task of retrieving the crown on Mount Goro-Goro, Mr. Popo sends him to a forest in search of someone who can train his mind and teach him the technique that will allow him to avoid the lightning strikes on Mount Goro-Goro.


Yaochun meditating near a river

In the forest, Goku meets Mousse and is taken to the woodsman's home. Upon hearing his story, Mousse and his family tells Goku about Yaochun, the strongest man around. The grandfather of the family, Korinto, leads Goku to Yaochun who was meditating near a river. Goku asks Yaochun for a fight, to which Yaochun agrees. Despite his large body and strong appearance Yaochun proved to be much weaker than Goku and was quickly defeated, much to Goku's disappointment. It would later appear the man Goku was supposed to meet in the first place was Korinto.


  • Yaochun's clothing resembles the clothing worn by primitive Saiyans.


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