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Yoshitaka Nagayama is a Japanese actor and manga artist. He portrays the character Yoshito-kun who appears in several pieces of Dragon Ball Heroes media, and is the author of the spin-off manga Dragon Ball Heroes: Charisma Mission published in Saikyō Jump since December 2013. The character Yoshito-kun is a special Capsule Corporation engineer who uses the Majin Elite (エリート), a fancy looking Majin with a crown and a monocle, as his in-game avatar in the spin-off manga Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission.



Yoshito-kun in Victory Mission chapter 4

In Victory Mission, Yoshito-kun works in the Satan Mall as a commentator of the battles in the Heroes Stadium. He is also a contestant in the Dragon Ball Heroes tournament that starts in the fourth chapter, and he battles Beat for the latter's first match in a tournament while still commenting the matches. Yoshito-kun uses his Satan Deck: Majin Elite, Majin Buu, Mr. Satan, and GT Mr. Satan. Beat has Frieza, Cooler, Super Saiyan GT Vegeta, Super Saiyan 4 Goku and the robot with him. Beat wins thanks to the robot and Super Saiyan 4 Goku, and Yoshito-kun then congratulates Beat for his victory.

Voice actors

  • Japanese: Taiki Matsuno (松野太紀; for the Majin Elite)