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The term "Z-Spirit Kamehameha" is conjectural. This article's real name is unknown and an unofficial title is used instead.

"You saw Goku and the rest in the chasm of time? You sure you weren't daydreaming? But that place is joined with many eras. It shouldn't even exist. It's not strange no matter what happens there. Lemme go check the scroll of ends and beginnings later!"
Supreme Kai of Time's post-ending 2 conversion from Dragon Ball: Xenoverse

Z-Spirit Kamehameha is a powerful Kamehameha technique used by the Future Warrior to destroy the Demon God Demigra in Dragon Ball: Xenoverse.


Xenoverse Demigra vs. Kamehameha

The Energy Clash of Demigra's Final Attack and the Future Warrior's Kamehameha

The user first fires a Super Kamehameha at their target. When that fails to be enough, astral projections of friends appear and donate their energies into the user to give them extra power.

The attack is only used in the ending 2 cutscene by the Future Warrior. After their Kamehameha fails to hold off Demigra, energy projections of Goku, Adult Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin and Vegeta appear to combine their energies into the Future Warrior. The attack is so powerful it damages the Crack of Time causing it to collapse, though the Future Warrior escapes with the aid of Tokitoki who teleports both of them back to the Time Nest where they reunite with Goku, Future Trunks, and the Supreme Kai of Time. The technique only appears if Goku does not join the battle with Demigra.

Xenoverse Demigra vs. Kamehameha 2

Demigra overwhelmed and destroyed by Z-Spirit Kamehameha

During a post alternate ending conversion with the Supreme Kai of Time, the Warrior tells her about the technique. She at first asks the Warrior if they just imagined it, before explaining that the technique was likely the result of the Crack of Time being connected to different eras and due to it existing outside the physical laws of the Universe, saying nothing that happens there can be considered strange nor impossible.


  • The spiritual assistance of Goku and the other Z-Fighters is similar to spiritual assistance Teen Gohan received from Goku while using the Father-Son Kamehameha during the climax of the Cell Games and may be a tribute or a homage to it.
  • It is one of the few techniques used by the Future Warrior that only appear in Xenoverse cutscenes and is not available as a usable skill.
  • Supreme Kai of Time's post ending 2 explanation of this technique, suggests that it was the result of the Crack of Time being connected to multiple eras and existing outside the laws of physics that govern time (the Crack of Time exists outside of time) and the rest of the Universe.



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