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Zirloin (ザーロイン Zāroin) is a warrior from Universe 2 and a member of Team Universe 2.


Zirloin is a very large and muscular humanoid male with blue skin and red eyes. Attached to his gold shoulder plates he sports a long dark purple tabard that drapes over his bare chest and covers his white undergarments (although he can be seen wearing a golden breastplate in his universe's team lineup). He also wears a pair of gold bracers and thigh high boots, and a tall, pointed gold helm.


Despite his imposing appearance, Zirloin fully embraces his universe's mantra of love and beauty, and seems to hold the Kamikaze Fireballs in high regard.

Zirloin was completely unfazed when he witnessed Kale's transformation into her Out of Control (Saiyan) form. Zirloin also showed similar fearlessness when Jiren powered up, however shortly thereafter Zirloin became completely thunderstruck as he observed the true might of Jiren and Goku in action.


Dragon Ball Super

Universe Survival Saga

Main article: Universe Survival Saga When the Tournament of Power started, Zirloin was seen blocking some explosions alongside Zoiray and Dyspo. Later on, he, along with several other members of his team, cheered on the Kamikaze Fireballs during their transformation sequence.

Zirloin was later shown bracing himself against the tremendous rush of energy from Jiren's power-up. Zirloin and Paparoni had been facing off at the time, but the two had stopped to silently watch in awe as the intense battle between Goku and Jiren erupted.

When it appeared that Goku had killed himself in an attempt to Spirit Bomb Jiren, Ribrianne approached Jiren with Zirloin and the rest of the remaining members of Team Universe 2 behind her, ready to challenge Jiren despite the odds and continue to fight for the survival of their universe. They didn't get the chance, though, as Goku reemerged in his new Ultra Instinct form and continued his ferocious brawl with Jiren.


Techniques and special abilities

Voice actors

  • Japanese: Volcano Ota
  • English: TBA


  • Zirloin and Jimeze vs. Toppo and Dyspo
  • Zirloin vs. Paparoni


  • His name comes from Sirloin steak, a cut from the back of the animal.
  • Zirloin is very similar in appearance to General Rilldo, an antagonist from Dragon Ball GT.



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