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Homeworld Zoon
Average Height Similar to the average Human
Diet Unknown
Sapience Level Sapient

Zoon-seijins, or Voon-seijins, are an extraterrestrial race seen in Dragon Ball Z.

The only character of this race we see in the series is Pui Pui, one of Babidi's minions. Nothing much is said about his race other than the fact they originate from planet Zoon, which Babidi transports him and Vegeta to during their battle. The race would be stronger than humans on average, since the gravity of their planet is ten times stronger than Earth's gravity, the same level as the Saiyan home planet.



Babidi's footsoldiers

Babidi's Majin Soldiers wear uniforms very similar to Pui Pui's, since they are a part of exactly the same army.